How are the property taxes paid?

Fun Properties will bill you once a year for approximately $20.00, once you have paid the property off you will receive a sales tax notice directly from the county.

Do you have any land in Missouri for sale on the water?

No, not at this time.

How much does a septic system cost?

In general, if you have a good perk test a standard septic with tank and laterals will cost between $2500 - $3500.

If the land is on a private road who is responsible for the maintenance?

Fun Properties will maintain the road until the lot is sold then it up to the property owner to maintain the road in front of his lot.

What is the advantage of having your Fun Properties adjoin Corp land in Missouri?

The Corp land is owned by the public and you can use it to access the lake, hike, hunt, fish, etc.

At what time will I stop having fun with my property?

Never, unless you sell it!

How does the land contract work for your land in Missouri?

You will have a monthly payment at a set interest rate for a set number of years, when the property is paid off we will have a title company provide you with a warranty deed and title insurance.

Are there any pre-payment penalties or closing costs?


What is a perk test?

A soil morphologist tests the ground to determine the type of septic system will be required to comply with state law. Normally the smaller the lot the more expensive the septic system will be. A perk test is not required if you own 3 acres or more.

Why do you put restrictions on your land in Missouri?

The restrictions are to protect us both from someone ruining the lot with trash, stored cars, etc. that will then destroy the value of the other lots.

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