Eminence Missouri Fun Facts

Eminence is called the "top outdoor sports town in Missouri" by Sports Afield Magazine and "one of the top 50 sports town in the country" The town of Eminence is located in the heart of Missouri’s national park, the Ozarks National Scenic Riverways. This park is 130 miles long and encompasses 80,000 acres with seven major springs that feed the rivers and inside the park there are over 300 caves. The beautiful Jacks Fork River winds thru Eminence and just outside of town meets up with the nations #1 scenic-float spot, the Current River. These two beautiful rivers have 100 feet tall bluffs with pristine gravel bars, and deep pools for swimming. Many of the area springs rank among the worlds largest in fact the springs are so awesome that I have dedicated a web page for them. The largest is Big Spring, which is the world’s largest single outlet spring with over 278 million gallons of water flow per day. Unlike some rivers where man controls the ebb and flow, these natural springs provide a constant source of water.

Eminence is known as the "Canoe Capital of the World" with canoeing and kayaking as one of the most popular activities in the area. There are many canoe concessionaires for canoe rental and they provide you with transportation to your put-in and take-out spot. (See our Fun Float Page). These floats will provide your family with an unforgettable adventure filled with beautiful scenery and wildlife. Explore Jam Up Cave with it 1000- feet wide opening and eight stories tall with a large lake inside. The only access to this wonder is by canoe from the Jacks Fork River.

Talk about fishing! Over 112 species of fish inhabit both rivers. The Current River begins at Montauk Park where its cold water provides excellent rainbow and brown trout. Of course, the further you get away from the springs the water gets warmer and you catch other varieties of fish.

There are many good reasons Eminence is the #1 Outdoor Outpost in Missouri. It is host to the nations largest organized trail rides, which bring in thousands of people a year. You can also rent horses by the hour or the day. While canoeing or exploring, you may see one of the two wild horse herds left in the Midwest. In addition, there are hiking and biking trails and a new golf course.

Visit Akers Ferry where you can cross the Current River ($4.00 per car) in one of the last remaining river ferries in the U.S., celebrating their 50th year of operation. Check out Rocky Falls a gorgeous wall fall over lava rocks cascading down to a swimming hole.

Tour Ally Spring and visit a 100-year-old mill. One of the Ozarks most famous land marks. 

Fun Properties is very excited to bring you "Riverwinds" our new subdivision with 6-one acre m/l lots. Riverwinds is located 2-½ miles north of Jacks Fork River and Eminence; the property begins as you turn off Scenic Hwy 19.  These acreages will make a great investment, as good buildable land in this area is scarce.  In addition, the state and federal government own approximately 60 percent of the land in the area.  View our plat map page for more information on the Missouri acreages.